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2010 Television List

January 2, 2011

This year, I noticed an uptick on my television watching habits, so I began to categorize them separately from the rest of my movies. And now I’m glad I did, because I wound up watching a lot of television. Not included are one offs, or sports (although I did watch a lot of World Cup). As usual I saw a lot of spare Venture Bros, Simpsons, Futurama, and Top Gear episodes, but did not note them down.


1)  Rome Season 1

Interesting, but not enough to make me want to watch what I heard was a very rushed second season.

2)  Doctor Who Season 2. (loved).

I loved the first season of Doctor Who and had to take a month off before continuing on with a new Doctor. And man, was this a ride. It has some of the worst episodes from the new series, but it also has some greats.

3)  Doctor Who Season 3. (liked, but had issues). I thought it was the writing, and part of it is, but when we get Martha as a companion, the Rose hangover is so extreme it takes a while for the series to really embrace Martha. It does have some stellar episodes though. This does feel a bit like a rebound season though.

4)  2 Episodes of Torchwood.

This is about when the Torchwood spinoff from Doctor Who happened, but man, it’s like a really shitty X-Files.

5)  Generation Kill (miniseries)

War as a road movie, by the people who made the Wire. The actor who played Ziggy in Season 2 of the Wire returns, but this time as lovable motormouth Ray. Very good.

6)  Doctor Who Season 4 (loved).

The first (and so far only) new Who series without weird sexual chemistry, instead the companion is just that, a traveling companion. Excellent episodes here as well.

7)  All Doctor Who specials (liked).

Following the end of the fourth season there were four specials or mini-movies. They were all good, although they slowly became darker as time went on.

8)  Doctor Who Season 5 (love)

A new Doctor, a new show runner, a new start, but still excellent. I’m not sure replacing the cast, producers, and most of the writers but retaining the core idea could work with any other show.

9)  Archer, Season 1. (liked)

And by liked, I mean quote regularly and re-watch for the excellent dialogue and funky animation.

10)  Arrested Development Season 1.

While exploring Archer, I discovered that it was pitched as “Arrested Development meets James Bond.” I liked Archer, so I checked out Arrested Development. The awkward humor got to me (I hate Tobias), but I was surprised at the breadth of the humor — one liners, witty back and forth, understatement, sight gags, slapstick, cut away jokes, character based humor — it’s all there. A rich series but occasionally cringing.

11)  3 Episodes of This American Life, Season 1. (documentary)

I meant to finish this, but never did. If you’re familiar with This American Life radio show, this documentary series lives up to that standard, while also being able to paint a pretty good visual picture.

12)  Glee, Season 1.

Kate got me hooked on Glee right when I was unemployed. And one of the rich ironies of the first season of Glee is that it’s a show about sadness and isolation, which is exactly what I was feeling. I devoured the whole season in roughly a week, and was a Glee apologist, fighting for the occasionally sparse, but still potent narrative and drama the characters were going through.

13)  That Mitchell and Webb Look, season 1

Formalizing into episodes what I had first seen mostly as Youtube clips. Still funny.

14)  Futurama, season 6.

Week to week, I watched Futurama’s return. It took a while for the writers to find their groove, but they did manage to put out a few episodes that were on par with their original production.

15)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1 (enjoyed).

I was called into work an overnight shift, needed something to watch, and Maddo had been re-watching Buffy a few months earlier, so I began in. I finished the first season in like three days. Sarah Michelle Gellar used to be seriously hot.

16)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2 (loved).

Unlike Doctor Who, which left me so heartbroken I couldn’t think of watching it for a month, a day later I was back into Buffy. The second season deepens themes, and enriches lore. So good.

17)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 3 (also loved).

After a heartbreaking end to the second season, I again consoled myself by immediately starting the third. I tried to analyze the great work of Joss Whedon by doing write ups about the episodes I was watching, but I could barely stop myself from watching Buffy. The third season takes a while to coalesce, but as a culmination of high school, what that means, and identity crisis, this is great.

18)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 4

This has some great episodes, but I agree with the criticisms — the big bad isn’t that threatening, making the over arching narrative pretty weak.

19)  Angel, Season 1

To keep up with Buffy crossovers, I started watching Angel. I think this is what ultimately burned me out on Buffy — having to switch between two shows at different stages in their development.

20)  Angel, Season 2 (2 episodes.)

I started graduate school, and could not keep watching for time commitments.

21)  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5 (5 episodes).

I don’t like Dawn, but might continue. I just met the Big Bad!

22)  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (15 episodes).

Jake and I started watching these, as he is in love with this show. I think it’s very funny, but also dramatic. haven’t finished it because Jake and I stopped being able to hang out regularly.

23)  Glee Season 2 (2 episodes, didn’t care after that).

This show gave into it’s darker impulses and became a moment machine. HOW CRAZY CAN WE BE? DENTIST HALLUCINATIONS? OKAY! Count me out.

24)  The Venture Bros season 4.5.

Better than the first half of season 4. I don’t think there’s a bad episode. So good.

25)  Boardwalk Empire (4 episodes).

Rambled a bit, and there is a character is naked pretty much every show. I hear it tied itself together at the end, I’m kind of interested in finishing it.

26)  Louie (2 episodes).

Louie CK is a dark, jaded, but very funny man.

27)  The Venture Bros Season 1 (rewatch)

Jake didn’t remember this season, so we went through these again. Some of the writing voice is so clear for what’s there today, and some of it is incredibly muddled. Also got to see how some of the characters have come so far from that first season.

28)  The Walking Dead (3 episodes).

INTENSE. Want to finish.

29)  Community (5 episodes)

Very funny. Like, have to stifle laughter to prevent waking people up funny.

30)  Jekyll.

Addictive. The people who make the new Doctor Who Seasons and the latest reboot of Sherlock first turned their hand at re-imagining the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story back in 2007. Six episodes, each an hour long, like a miniseries. The writing crackles, the acting is great (except for some awful American accents), and I watched five episodes in one night.

31). Doctor Who Christmas Special.

SO EXCITED FOR MORE DOCTOR WHO. Also, this almost made me cry.

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