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2010 Movie List

January 2, 2011

Once again, I pledged to read a book a week and watch a movie a week. Just like last year, I wound up watching far more movies than books, although this year I separated my television watching out from the rest of my viewing. Don’t worry, it’ll be included in another list. I have notes besides most of the films, and a few thoughts about each film. Bold means I saw the film in theatres, and if I re-watched or saw something more than once, I’ll note it.

  1. Dr. Horrible (re-watch) (x2) The last thing I watched in 2009, turned out to be the first thing I watched in 2010, and then later (in sing along format!) in the summer.
  2. Up in the Air (theatres) (re-watch on DVD) I like Jason Reitman films, I think he can coax some excellent performances out of actors, but none of his films stay with me.
  3. Rosemary’s Baby. Man, this movie was all sorts of fucked up.
  4. Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans (theatre). Nicolas Cage being batshit crazy, but in a good way.
  5. Moon A good movie, but not as good as I was hoping for.
  6. Aguirre, the Wrath of God. What I learned: The Jungle hates Germans, and the Germans hate the Jungle.
  7. Duplicity. (Disappointed) Charming people doing hack espionage work with weird twists I saw coming.
  8. Shutter Island (theatres) A film I liked a lot at the time, but looking back I liked less. I think it’s a lesser Scorsese film, but still good.
  9. The Prestige (re-watch). Still good when you know what’s coming.
  10. Bonnie and Clyde. The first part of this movie is much better than the back half.
  11. Julie and Julia. Like everyone else, I like the Julia Child parts, and didn’t like the Julie parts. Amy Adams, you could be doing so much better.
  12. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (re-watch). I watched this while I made a meal, and then sat down for the big fight at the end.
  13. The Bourne Ultimatium (didn’t care for). The first Bourne movie is the only one worth its salt, I don’t give a damn about any rooftop chase scenes. Jittery and one dimensional.
  14. Monster’s Inc. I had never seen Monster’s Inc. all the way through before. Pixar wins again.
  15. Fuck: A Documentary. I think this was the first thing I watched after being unemployed. Interesting to note the word’s history through film.
  16. Broadcast News. Some great dialogue, some predicable plotting. Why doesn’t Holly Hunter do more stuff?
  17. Sita Sings the Blues A break up film. The best parts were the Indians attempting to recall the myths of their childhood. I wasn’t sold on the actual singing.
  18. World’s Greatest Dad (didn’t care for). Awful, plodding, predictable, but shot in Seattle.
  19. Back to the Future (re-watch) When Kate came to visit, she said she had never seen Back to the Future Part II. We wound up watching both. I still love both.
  20. Back to the Future Part II (e-watch). Not quite as good as the first, but not as bad as the third.
  21. Iron Man 2 (theatres). More action, less witty dialogue.
  22. Shampoo. Funny, but weird and totally 60’s and 70’s. Warren Beatty is attractive, but he mumbles. I don’t know women were soooo attracted to him back in the day.
  23. Man on Wire (documentary, liked). A heist film, as a documentary. Tense and excellent.
  24. Once Upon a Time in the West (loved). Probably, in a bunch of ways, better than The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, making it Sergio Leone’s best western. Although, it happens to be three hours long.
  25. Return of the Jedi (re-watch). Watched this with Kate, I think?
  26. Leon (re-watch). Kate had never seen it, so I showed it to her. Natalie Portman is good, but creepy. Jean Reno is a badass.
  27. Casino Royale (1967 version, re-watch). God, this movie is insane. Not as good the second time around. Still need to try re-watching the insanity that is Modesty Blaise.
  28. The Brothers Bloom. I liked Brick a lot, but The Brother’s Bloom failed to impress that much.
  29. Punch-Drunk Love (re-watch). The last thing I watched before moving to Seattle. Showed it to Kate. Everything that makes this film worth it is in the back half of the movie, but very good.
  30. The Hangover. Dumb, drunken fun.
  31. All the President’s Men (enjoyed). Surprisingly small in scope, but it’s like it was tailor made for me – excellent 70’s filmmaking about good, clever journalists? Awesome.
  32. Annie Hall (re-watch). Better than I remember.
  33. The A-Team (theatres). Dumb, and intermittently enjoyable. The best part was when they tried to fly a tank.
  34. Casino Royale (2006 version, re-watch). Slick and smooth still. Less of Eva Green than I remember.
  35. South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (re-watch). I can still barely believe this was a musical.
  36. Jurassic Park (re-watch). Still tense, and the CG still holds up.
  37. Despicable Me (theatres). I was paid to see this movie. A serviceable kids film, but lacking the heart of Pixar.
  38. Inception (theatres, loved it). I should probably see this again. But it was totally badass (and surprisingly straight forward). Reminded me of when I saw The Matrix for the first time.
  39. The Art of the Steal (documentary). Interesting (although totally one sided) documentary about art. Read more about it here.
  40. O Brother Where Art Thou (re-watch). We saw this on my birthday. Better writing than I remember.
  41. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (x3, twice in theatres, once on DVD). So. Much. Fun. Scott Pilgrim himself is a problematic character, but still the movie just propels with fun.
  42. Zero Effect. Jake and I watched this take on Sherlock Holmes with Ben Stiller and Bill Pullman. Filmed in Portland with moody cinematography, but surprisingly good.
  43. Mystery Men (re-watch). This movie not as enjoyable as when I saw it at 13, but still goofy.
  44. Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory (1971) (re-watch). We watched this with Rifftrax. Recommended experience.
  45. Star Trek (2009) (re-watch). We also watched this with Rifftrax. Not as funny. Also, so much goddamn lens flare.
  46. The Big Lebowski (re-watch). Still a great trip.
  47. The Social Network (theatres, liked). Tense, straight forward, and crisp writing. Good movie.
  48. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (re-watch). The best Indy movie.
  49. Let the Right One In (really liked). Jake and I each drank a bottle of wine and watched this movie. I liked it more than he did.
  50. Monty Python and The Holy Grail (r-ewatch). Shorter than I remember. We watched this on Halloween.
  51. The Secret of Kells (liked). Totally badass animation movie.
  52. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? While I liked reading the play, watching George and Martha fight was much, much harder.
  53. The Purple Rose of Cairo. A hour long of comedy book ended by 15 minutes of drama.
  54. Big Night. This movie made me like omelets. A great movie about food. Also, Stanley Tucci with hair!
  55. The Pink Panther. Surprisingly straight laced. Also, I love women in the movies in this time period. They are never not blistering hot.
  56. How to Train Your Dragon (liked). A thoroughly enjoyable film. Dreamworks is getting competitive with their animation department.
  57. The September Issue (documentary). The fashion industry is crazy.
  58. It Might Get Loud (documentary). Guitars are cool.
  59. The Hebrew Hammer (re-watch). They should make more movies about Chanukah.
  60. I am Comic (documentary). Being a standup comic isn’t so funny sometimes.
  61. Black Swan (theaters). I could go on at length about this movie. I can send you the e-mail I wrote defending the film to Maddo, who hated it.
  62. The King’s Speech (theaters). A good movie, but I saw this and Black Swan as a double feature. I would not recommend that experience. I will say this movie is not a traditional biopic, instead choosing to be more of a character piece. It lives and dies on the strength of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush’s relationship.
  63. Die Hard (re-watch). The best Christmas movie. Also, such a good action movie.
  64. Exit Through The Gift Shop (documentary). Crazy people and street art. Also, I believe this is not a hoax.
  65. Scrooged. Not as funny as I was hoping, but still good.
  66. A Streetcar Named Desire. All the good bits are in the back half. Also, I can see why people loved Marlon Brando. Holy shit is he a force of nature in this.

So, this year I have seen 11 films in theaters, down from 19 last year. Also, this year, I broke out my television watching (because there was so much more of it), so last year I wound up watching 85 movies. This year I only watched 66, which is partially because I was reading more during the beginning of the year, and watching a lot more television. I re-watched 23 movies this year (including repeated viewings of films I had seen for the first time this year), which is barely over a third of all the movies I watched. I did about the same last year, with 28 movies out of 85. Also this year, I tried to watch more documentaries, having only seen one the year prior. This year I saw seven documentaries, which is a substantial improvement.

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