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Shut in Seattle

June 8, 2010

I am now a resident of the Emerald City once more. Tomorrow should finalize everything as I sign my lease (despite living here for a week already), and send my change of address form to the department of licensing. I’m still settling into my apartment. Unfortunately, pictures are not available because I left my camera in Portland, along with my holiday (okay, fine Halloween) decorations, a bunch of books, and some other stuff. I didn’t know how much storage/space I’d end up having. Now, I think I can fit the books, but the halloween decorations would be tricky to store, and my light up flamingo would not have a home.  I don’t want to purge these things, but I don’t have room for them, nor do I have money for a storage unit. With Peter they may have to stay.

The move has cut into my job search, but I have had two more interviews, and another two this week. Last Tuesday (on move in day actually) I interviewed for a summer position at a local non-profit for cancer patients. The job does not pay well, but it’s summer only, I can walk to work, and I would not starve. These things all appeal to me.  On Wednesday, I interviewed for an alarm monitoring company. I think I did better in that interview, but I they want someone who can make a two year commitment, and someone who can cover all shifts (day, swing, grave). Due to my school schedule, I’m not quite qualified, but they seemed willing to work with me. The more I think about the position, the more I’m not sure I want it. The more I think about this whole job search, the more I wonder about how much time I can realistically commit to a job during the school year. This is a Master’s program after all,  so it’s going to be work intensive. I’m going to have internships that might take me somewhere completely different — a different country even. My position doesn’t really allow me to accpet a full time job in all honesty. So… I guess I should be looking for summer work exclusively.

Which is fine because I’m interviewing for a job to be a camp counselor tomorrow, and I’m excited about that possibility. It’s for a school I interviewed with earlier, but they filled that position. However, they have summer only positions, which would probably be better for me. I’ll have to ask around, see what other people are doing.

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