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The Unbearable Lightness of Unemployment

May 19, 2010

Sunday, I woke up to a day of possibility. I had no plans, no nagging chores, no obligations. The day was mine to do what have you. So why did I find myself at the same place I always find myself — sitting at my desk, looking at websites, contemplating watching a movie, thinking about reading book? Why did I not take in the fine scenery of The City of Roses while I still have time?

Because every day is basically like this. My day usually consists of hunting for housing and jobs until about 5 every day, then I get to do whatever I want anyway. I would much rather be exploring Portland, but there are restrictions — I have no money to spend, and I always get the nagging feeling that I should be preparing more for Seattle in some way.  So I feel paralyzed by my situation and do nothing special. In truth, many of these restrictions are constructs — there is much I can do with no money, and I could be getting out and about, but that day has passed and it’s a brand new week. Let me tell you, there have been some developments.

Courtesy of Papalars at Flickr

The Emerald City, courtesy of Papalars at Flickr.

This is where I will hopefully be at the end of the month. I say hopefully, but it is basically a done deal. I think.  I ended up speaking with Jake, my future roommate about our timeline. I indicated my financial straits and said that moving earlier would probably be better than moving later. His lease ends May 31st (with a little wiggle room) so we decided that we would try to find an apartment in Capitol Hill.  So we spend a frantic week searching and I apply to a lot of jobs in Seattle.  Now, I’ve had two job interviews, and we’re very near settling into an apartment. Today I applied to a lot of jobs at UW, and a few others. I’m trying to apply to at least three each day, aim for five or more. I will make this work.

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