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Pieces Falling Out of Place

May 10, 2010

One of the toughest problems with getting a job this go round is that I have a time limit.  My life as a bomb — lots of disarray, people panicking, trying decide on the colors of the wire to cut, a maniacal madman laughing.  Well. It could be like that. Instead, I feel more like I’m serving a prison sentence. I’m stuck in this particular place until a pre-ordained time. I would like to be paid for my time here, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards at this point. You see, I’m going to graduate school this fall, for Student Development in Higher Education at Seattle University.  In prior positions, I just needed a job because I didn’t how long I’d be in one place (or at least, you know, a year). But now I need a job for two months? 6 weeks?

I just heard from Jake,  (my future roommate and past roommate) that he only had two options to re-negotiate his lease. I thought he could specify it for any length of time, but his landlord gave him these options: the end of July, or the end of October. Seeing as I need to be up before September, it had to be July. But this creates an awkward space of time. Before, I could conceivably have a summer job and move the end of August, beginning of September. My school doesn’t start until September 2oth, so I’ve got weird periods of time. I’ve got 11 weeks before I have to move to Seattle. Then I have seven weeks until school starts. I would have much rather split this time differently, (add six weeks in one direction or the other).

Now, I have to work something out. What that is, I have no idea. I have a date to move, which is nice, but that complicates everything else.

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